A Collection of Quality Cable Tools

TK-2 Cable Tool Kit

A complete set of tools specifically designed for cable sheath slitting, ring cutting, lacing, sewing, parallel drop wire slitting, switch or panel board terminating -- everything needed for cable work.

The TK-2 Cable Tool Kit comes complete in a handy padded vinyl carrying case and is perfect for use in either the Central office or in the field.

The kit consists of one each of the following tools: N-2878 sheath stripper, N-62267 Sheath Slitter, N-2060 Ring Cutting Tool, N-287 Curved Sewing Needle, N-287-7S Straight 7" (17.8 cm) Sewing Needle for longer reach, N-2257 Wire Loop Lacing Needle, N-2500 Aerial Drop Wire Slitter and N-284 Straight Flat Metal Sewing Needle.


N-2878 Cable Sheath Stripper. Size: 6" (15.2cm) x 3" (7.6cm). Weight: 4 1/4 ozs. (120.5 grams).
N-2878B One Blade Guide Retainer.
N-2878H Pkg. of 6 extra blades.

Comfort-Grip Cable Sheath Stripper

N-2878 Cable Sheath Stripper

For stripping the jacket from all sizes of plastic and fabric covered cable. Red, rigid, phenolic handle equipped with a razor blade at one end with an "L" shaped hardened steel guide and blade guard. Handle shaped to fit worker's hand and so constructed that hand is fully protected from skinned knuckles through contact with the cable jacket. Stainless steel saddle with heavy nickel plated screws and screw bushings hold the guide and blade in place.

Operator holds Cable Sheath Stripper in one hand and guides cable with the other. Cable jacket is slit nearly and cleanly without damage to wire or insulation.

Blade may be reversed for new cutting edge. Two extra blades are carried in the slot under the name plate. Blades are standard Schick injector blades -- inexpensive --easily obtainable.


N-62267 Cable Sheath Slitter with 2 blades. Size: 6" (15.2 cm) x 1 1/2" (3.81 cm). Weight: 2 ozs. (56.7 grams).
N62267A Pkg. of 6 blades.

Specially designed Heavy-Duty Cable Sheath Slitter

N-62267 Cable Sheath Slitter

For slitting most types of cable jackets. Especially good for most of the outdoor, heavy-duty types of cable sheathing.

The slender but tough and very sharp hook blade digs in between sheathing and wires and with the side supports permits most accurate jacket stripping. Handles large and small diameter cables equally well. The forked ends of the tool are made of ductile aluminum and may be carefully bent (to expand the opening between forked ends) to fit many cable sizes.

The razor sharp hook lets you cut into cable at any point without previously notching, thereby avoiding hazard to wires inside and your hands.

An extra blade is included. Blades are easily changed. The two screws that hold the blade in cutting position also secure the extra blade with its cutting end protected until put into position for use.