NEW! TW-427XL Hex Socket Wrench

This extra long terminal wrench guarantees easy access to junction boxes, network interfaces...etc. The same features that made our TW-427 a legend are incorporated into our new TW-427XL. That's what we do make great tools even better! The full four inch six-fluted handle provides plenty of torque. The nickel-plated case hardened hexagon 3/8" and 7/16" sockets allow placement of a cheater wrench if needed. The overall length of the TW-427XL is 7-5/16" is made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty.


NEW! N732 Security Booth Wrench

A new version of our N-109, the N-732 fits pinned 7/32" allen type tamper proof screws. The shaft is austempered and black oxidized for the durability Neuses tools are known for. The medium size handle provides just the right amount of torque for most jobs. The overall length of the N-732 is 8-5/16". Made in the USA and guaranteed for life.